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Annie O'Carroll Interior Design

Annie O’Carroll came to her design inspiration and sensibility during her early years spent in the hospitality industry, through which she developed a deep appreciation of the unique cultures and diverse traditions she encountered while traveling abroad for her career. As she circled the globe, she cultivated a keen eye for great style and absorbed the design aesthetics she found in nature, art, architecture and fashion. Her passion for beauty in all its forms culminated in a shift of focus to interior design. After gaining a degree from the Design Institute in Newport Beach, California, she relocated to Santa Fe, bringing with her some essential understandings: In order to be truly beautiful, a space must honor proportion, balance and harmony; and good design must express the client’s individuality in a union of understated elegance and comfort. An awareness of the singular legacy of New Mexico and respect for the landscape and environment runs through every aOc Design project. With a skilled team of craftsmen and a wealth of artistic partners, Annie O’Carroll brings design dreams to life, creating for her clients spaces with an authentic sense of personality and place – designs that speak of who they are and where they have chosen to make their home.

Annie O'Carroll Interior Design
1512 Pacheco Street A104
Santa Fe, NM 87505