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Samuel Design Group Interiors

At SDG we believe that our clients should be able to express themselves; their lifestyle and personal aesthetic should shine through their home or work environment. We are dedicated to supporting your individual style and desires; this enables us to accomplish your goals.

We pride ourselves on the ability to understand your needs and how that relates to your space. Our reputation is based on intelligent integration of architecture and interior design. Environments created by SDG are characterized by natural surfaces, singular details and keen use of color. Our color sense ranges from understated to WOW! SDG is known for integrating refined materials, and with a sophisticated use of color create simple but elegant interiors. By combining contemporary and traditional elements we achieve a wow factor. Our finish selections are imaginative; both polished and unprocessed diverge as surely as they harmonize. The wow factor is not driven by price.

We believe that our environment has a deep affect on us and our well-being; this is true of our home and work environment. Lisa's favorite quote by a famous designer, Le Corbusier sums it up. "Space and light and order. Those are the things that men need just as much as they need bread or a place to sleep." We are passionate about the connection with our environments and it shows in our creative design.

Samuel Design Group Interiors
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