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The Rugman of Santa Fe

The Rugman of Santa Fe does not compromise in quality or ethics:

We carry mostly natural dyed rugs and they are always handmade from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Balkans, the Caucasus and Turkey.

We avoid buying rugs from India and China, as they tend to be of poorer quality, and more importantly, these rugs can be linked with human rights abuses, including child indentured labor.

Due to our close relationship with rug makers cultivated over the last 12 years, we know exactly how our rugs are made, who is making them, and what materials are used, which ensures that your rug is of the highest quality, and made beautifully and ethically.

Each and every rug is chosen by Ercan and his wife, Charmaine, on their yearly buying trips and brought to you with care and a discerning eye for harmony and color. We carefully price each rug to make sure you receive the fairest price.

When you come for a visit to the Rugman there is usually a pot of Turkish tea ready to drink and someone from our family to welcome you. It is always our goal to make you feel comfortable, well-informed, and cared for by us. We invite you to stop by anytime.

Kendine iyi bak (take good care),
Ercan, Charmaine, Dogucan, and Mavi

The Rugman of Santa Fe
628 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87505