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Anna Karin Gallery


Anna Karin says "I was born on an island in Sweden known as 'The Island of Sun and Wind,' surrounded by the ruins of ancient castles and the graves of Vikings. There, I developed an attachment to the spirit of ancient lore. My education, at the Art Institute of Sweden, was classical. I remain dedicated to that tradition in my painting technique as well as my choice of imagery: landscape, figure and still life."Anna Karin has operated her gallery in Truchas, New Mexico for nearly ten years. Several years ago Anna invited Jeane George Weigel to share her gallery, resulting in a partnership which has continued to thrive as the two bring together a very exciting mix of ideas and techniques.Jeane is a contemporary painter. She says, "I believe I've come to Truchas on a path of self-discovery that demands a shedding of my old identity, my old ways of being. I'm immersed in an exploration to find a new way of seeing life and figuring out how I can best participate in it. This path has guided me out of representation and into abstraction."So, as the classical painter and the abstractionist have come together, visitors often comment on how beautifully their work compliments the other.Anna and Jeane also show the work of Bill Loyd ( and the photography of Craig Scoggin.Take a look at the website to get an idea of what this beautifully re-furbished 200 year old adobe home, now gallery, has to offer.

Anna Karin Gallery
1632 State Road 76
Truchas, NM 87578