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Handwoven Originals


Handwoven Originals represents the successful collaboration of artists/weavers Ceil Swanson Evans, Louise Lechner and Judy Boles Peña.

The store got its modest start in 1976 when J.B. (J. Boles Peña) opened the doors to her tiny weaving studio on Bull Ring Alley in Santa Fe. Louise Lechner soon joined her and they would work at their looms while tending the shop. In the summers, they staged fashion shows at the nearby Pink Adobe restaurant.

Their business continued to grow and in August 1980 they moved to their current space in the Inn of Loretto. It was around this time that a third weaver, Ceil Swanson Evans, joined in the partnership. The three women have been a team ever since, each working in the shop two days a week and weaving in their studios the rest of the time.

They continue to produce original woven garments of the finest quality, while showcasing the unique jewelry, clothing and accessories of several local artists.

Handwoven Originals
211 Old Santa Fe Trail
Santa Fe, NM 87501