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ACH Memorial Artist Retreat


The ACH Memorial Artist Retreat has been created to honor artist Alvaro Cardona-Hine after his death in 2016. Painter, poet, composer from an early age, he spent his life making art in three genres.

Having lived and exhibited in Los Angeles and St. Paul, MN, in 1987 Alvaro and his wife, Barbara, moved to Truchas, NM, an old Hispanic village high in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, in order to have the solitude and quiet in which to pursue and deepen their art. After settling in, they also abandoned the conventional gallery system to share their work directly with the public.

In addition to his creative output, Alvaro loved to see the creative spark light up in others and often taught poetry or painting to anyone who asked, and did so frequently without charging anything. So, when his wife, Barbara, was urged to set up a memorial for him, she realized that altering his large studio into a casita and studio where professional or just-beginning artists could come to work and study would be the ultimate way to honor him.

ACH Memorial Artist Retreat
82 CR 75
Truchas, NM 87578