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ARTsmart ensures that Santa Fe and New Mexico youth have the opportunity to explore, experience and engage in the visual arts, a critical component of every student's education.


Advocate for the visual arts as a tool for learning.

Promote economic development and tourism.

Provide leadership within our community by forging partnerships with schools, businesses, government, donors, artists and non-profit organizations.

Create volunteer opportunities in the community.

Expand the scope and reach of our programs throughout New Mexico.


Present fundraisers including: ARTfeast, ARTsmart Golf Tournament, and community projects.

Grant donations to Santa Fe schools and teachers to purchase art supplies and resources.

Oversee and develop the ARTsmart Visiting Artists Program.

Develop, organize and fund art projects with Santa Fe schools and other arts organizations.

Offer scholarship opportunities to all Santa Fe high school seniors pursuing fine arts at institutions of higher learning.


In the early 1990s, it became increasingly apparent that the role of the visual arts in the City of Santa Fe was in inverse proportion to the support of the arts in the city's public school system. In particular, funding for school art supplies was virtually nonexistent. With that information, several dedicated members of the Santa Fe Gallery Association initiated a nonprofit organization called ARTsmart in 1993 with the purpose of raising monies to be donated to the public schools specifically for the acquisition of art supplies.

The first fundraising event took place in 1997. The Edible Art Tour (EAT) paired fine art galleries with notable restaurants and chefs for a feast of food and art. Initially, donations were free-will, but over time EAT became a ticketed event that involves more than 40 restaurants and galleries on the city's historic Plaza and Canyon Road.

Fifteen years later, EAT continues to be the most popular of the weekend of events known as ARTfeast, a series of gatherings bringing together more than 200 businesses including many art galleries, restaurants and caterers, hotels and international wineries. In 2011, more than 2,200 tickets were sold to one or more of the seven ticketed events from 32 states, making it possible to donate over $137,000 to art projects, resources and scholarships for the city's youth. Total donations to date are almost $1,000,000.

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