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YouthWorks is a Santa Fe based nonprofit that has been changing the lives of disconnected youth for nearly 15 years. YouthWorks programs feature paid hands-on job skills training combined with G.E.D. coursework along with trades and professional certification to prepare youth for successful futures. Youth receive wrap-around support including no-fee counseling and intensive case management services to assist them to overcome personal, familial, legal and social obstacles. YouthWorks re-engages at-risk youth into productivity, self-sufficiency and inspires success. One of YouthWorks cornerstone programs is the YouthWorks Culinary Training and Catering Program. The Culinary Training Program began in 2009 to address two pressing needs identified by YouthWorks as it encountered hundreds of youth seeking services. First, there was an immensely significant need to address the daily hunger issues suffered by the disadvantaged youth seeking help. Second, there was a great desire among participants to receive culinary skills training as a career track opportunity. The Culinary program was developed and has been operating successfully addressing both hunger and skills training in a mutually beneficial programmatic framework. Youth receive hands-on culinary-skills training while preparing hundreds of daily meals that feed their peers working in YouthWorks wide-array of training programs. Over time, YouthWorks Catering Company was developed to create even further opportunities for YouthWorks students seeking to enter culinary careers, as well as to generate a source of income to support our continued endeavors in culinary education. YouthWorks Culinary Coordinator and Chef, Scott Eastburn, carries forth YouthWorks principles of quality, authenticity, and trust. Chef Scott wishes to pass this vision to his students and future entrepreneurs while developing a tasteful and purposeful array of delectable menu choices for YouthWorks Catering Company’s socially-minded customers. YouthWorks Catering Company is an innovative social enterprise developed by the Santa Fe based nonprofit youth-serving organization, to expand training opportunities for youth. It is a fully functioning, competitive catering company whose profits and enterprise seek to espouse and reinforce the mission of iYouthWorks! Interested in having YouthWorks cater your next event or party, call 505-988-1855 or email YouthWorks inspires youth to realize their full potential!

1000 Cordova Pl. #415
Santa Fe, New Mexico 87501