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Sunrise Springs

The healing waters of Sunrise Springs have been a source of rejuvenation and a sacred gathering place for weary travelers on the historic El Camino Real for millennia. Today, you, too, can rest and renew yourself—body, mind and soul—on the beautiful site of these legendary natural springs.

Sunrise Springs is Santa Fe’s only destination spa, with 70 tranquil acres of gardens, walking paths and scenic high desert landscape surrounding the historic spring-fed waters. The resort’s serene guest rooms, art and fitness studios as well as its spa facilities fuse native and contemporary design influences with subtle touches of the Southwest to embody the expansive texture and tones of the desert.

The Sunrise Springs experience is customized for each guest with our signature Thrive program, designed to create harmony amongst the four aspects of wellbeing: mental, emotional, physical and spiritual. We blend fitness, nutrition, spa therapies and wellness services with ancient wisdom and healing traditions.

Our Sunrise Springs Guides are a team of highly-credentialed, intuitive and caring wellness experts who work with you to create a sustainable, life-changing strategy so you can take your Sunrise Springs experience home with you.

Savor our delectable farm-fresh cuisine, immerse in the revitalizing power of nature and re-discover yourself with our unique Transformation Experiences . Or, just grab a book, find a hammock, soak in the healing essence of nature around you, and just “be.” For the ultimate Santa Fe wellness spa experience, we invite you to be our guest at Sunrise Springs.

Sunrise Springs
242 Los Pinos Road
Santa Fe, NM 87507